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lead a comfortable life, Alexis finishes, almost crying. They'll be broke, and she won't be able to give Gia the lifestyle that she's used to, Alexis says. Alexis looks at her with intense love, says that she would too, and rips up her own cheque, laughing with joy. Eager to celebrate their love, they strip off each other's tops, revealing Gia's perky tits and Alexis' massive milf mammaries. She asks Gia to tell her the truth: does she have any regrets? She loves Gia and wants her to have the best life possible, Alexis continues. Their mouths collide as they kiss passionately. Alexis looks into Gia's eyes. Gia agrees, saying that it seems like the plot of a bad movie, he'll give them these cheques for a million dollars each if they stop seeing each other. She can't believe that they are finally here, beginning their new life together in a place of their own, Gia says softly. But if he divorces her, they'll have nothing, Alexis says, she signed a prenup. A look of sadness crosses Alexis's face. Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Metalhead42!


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Pornos kostenfrei oma kostenlos Gia agrees and kisses Alexis tenderly. Their transition from riches to rags is complete. They kiss lovingly as Alexis peels off her daughter's panties before burying her face in Gia's wet pussy. Not only does she regret nothing, but she feels like she's the luckiest girl in the world, Gia says. There's no one else, and she doesn't want to live a life without her, Gia tells Alexis.
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