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Valle (the Empress of the Valley) (in English) Cali Beach (in English) Caliwood International relations. Retrieved "Cali, destino mundial para turismo de salud y cirugías estéticas" (in Spanish). Universidad Santiago de Cali. As for mining, the Valley is not a metal region; however, in terms of non-metallic minerals the department contributes.15 of the value added across Colombia. 9 10 A nearby army barracks was instantly destroyed, killing all 500 soldiers. Retrieved August 23, 2017. Nationally, Cali's athletes compete with Bogotá's and Medellín's in most sport tournaments and championships. What formerly was the fortress of the most dangerous criminal will now be dedicated to the work of justice. Valle del Cauca department, and the most populous city in southwest. (Public) It is the largest higher education institution by student population in the southwest of the country, and the third largest in Colombia, with more than 30,320 students.

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